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Our History

Tracklink was established back in mid-2002 but all the thought processing was in 2001. After driving on the M25 back from a meeting it was a simple case of a phone call from the car when Paul McCleave said, “what if there was a company that could do everything you requested and more”. The feedback was astounding.

Tracklink was a massive jigsaw now firmly on the table and ready to be put together. Over many months and many obstacles Tracklink was born.

Tracklink started trading from January 2003 and for a stand-alone company to address probably one of the UK’s biggest industries was daunting and very challenging.

6th October 2005 Tracklink is registered for ISO9001:2005

17th November 2005 Tracklink has Link-up approval, out licence to sell into the Railways.

November 2007 Tracklink launches it’s first e-commerce Web site.

Starting with small footsteps and getting the company name established in the market to now, fulfilling Railway contracts, competing against companies established decades ago against tenders and becoming one of the market leaders in Calibration.

Tracklink’s success has been established around it’s philosophy – ‘We’ll never stop helping’. Listen, assess, forward think, make calculated decisions and very importantly don’t be frightened to make decisions otherwise it will never work.

Year on year Tracklink has seen growth in some cases substantial growth because our customers believe in us and we will never stop helping.

It may sound like a unique story but it’s one that has been written with the help of our customers.