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Tracklink have been registered with Link-up since 2004 which is now RISQS

Registration No:  2574

Background information

RISQS is the UK rail industry supplier registration and qualification scheme.  Originally established over a decade ago, RISQS has made a significant impact to the rail industry by providing a single common qualification process for suppliers that is shared by Network Rail and over 80 rail organisations including Infrastructure Management Contractors, Underground Infrastructure companies, Construction companies and all major Train and Freight Operators.

The RISQS scheme has three clear objectives: 

  1. Single shared qualification process amongst the rail community
  2. Reduced duplication & administrative effort – recognised as efficient and cost-effective
  3. Fair, open and transparent process, compliant with EC Procurement Legislation

In 2000, Achilles launched the Proof scheme, which took RISQS a stage further by providing a common auditing process for suppliers of safety-critical products and services.  RISQS and Proof allow purchasers, engineers and other rail industry professionals to instantly access comprehensive qualification and audit results on suppliers via the Internet, whether for a pre-tender supplier selection exercise or to manage existing suppliers under contract.

To date more than 3500 suppliers and contractors are registered on the RISQS scheme, and over 1000 of these are also participating in the Proof scheme for products and services deemed critical to safety.