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Introducing The New Fluke Thermal Multimeter

03 April 2017

In this post we’ve given you an indepth look at the exclusive new Fluke thermal multimeter (Fluke 279 FC and Fluke 279 FC/iFlex TRMS)

Ti21 EBI Digital Frequency Selective Meter

03 April 2017

Ti21 EBI Digital Frequency Selective Meter, catalogue No. URLT/011362.

Amprobe - A Leading Manufacturer of Safe, Reliable Electrical Test Tools

03 May 2016

Our latest brand highlights post features Amprobe, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical test tools. Read more here.

What are Multifunction Testers?

26 April 2016

In this post Tracklink shares insights on Multi Function Testers (MFTs) – with some tips on the best products and what to look out for before you buy a Multi Function Tester.

Megger – A Leading Supplier of Electrical Testing Equipment

04 April 2016

In our second brand insights post, we have highlighted some of the best insulation testing tools by world-renowned manufacturer Megger. We’ve also given you some insight into Megger best selling products with tips from our expert technicians. Read more here

Insulation Testers

24 March 2016

Insulation testers are vital to maintaining high standards of testing and maintenance. In this post Tracklink will give you an insight into the top considerations before you purchase your next insulation resistance tester. We’ll also share some top tips a

Thermal Imagers - A Handy Buying Guide

25 February 2016

As one of the leading suppliers of Thermal Imagers in the UK, Tracklink prides itself on sharing its knowledge to make sure you get the best quality products that are suited to your needs. In this helpful article, we have shared some of our expertise

Fluke - A leading brand in the meters, tools and tester market

25 February 2016

Fluke is a highly regarded brand in the professional world and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for Multimeters, Clamp Meters or Insulation Testers, Fluke is guaranteed to have a product that’s a perfect fit for your business’ needs.


21 January 2013

Tracklink once again invest in more Calibration equipment. The new equipment will allow Tracklink to cover a broader range of instruments and it gives us better uncertainties which allows us to provide you, the customer, a wider band of results.

Railway Contract

21 January 2013

Tracklink are proud to announce the award of a 12 month Supply contract to the Railway Industry. This encompasses the Supply of Test Instruments, Calibration and Hand Tools together with Rail Specific equipment.