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Amprobe - A Leading Manufacturer of Safe, Reliable Electrical Test Tools

Amprobe is a leading brand in testing and measurement tools which supplies a range of products that cater to both professional electricians and HVAC technicians. They are particularly renowned for their clamp meters and digital multimeters.

Tracklink is a calibrator of and stockist of Amprobe products for their combination of affordability, specification and functionality.

As Amprobe is owned by Fluke, the largest instrument manufacturer in the world, you can rest assured that all their products are of the same meticulously high standards.

Professionals equally love using Amprobe tools as they are reliable, easy to use and offer a great range of functionality – all without breaking the bank!

Our most popular Amprobe products include their clamp meters, multimeters and lux meters. We stock over 50 Amprobe tools and meters, for more details on each product visit our site or contact a member of our team who would be happy to give you tailored advice. You can call 01428 685 124 or contact us online.