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Insulation Testers

Insulation resistance testers are used to measure the resistance of the dielectric (or insulation) of two conductive parts. The higher the resistance measured the better the condition of the insulation.
Whether you’re working with motors, generators, cables or switchgear, insulation testing is vital to preventative maintenance. A massive 80% of electrical maintenance and testing requires an evaluation of insulation integrity. Its therefore imperative that you ensure you buy the best insulation testers.
Insulation testers are particularly useful for testing the integrity of cables, for motor winding testing and PI and DAR testing. The most important factors you will need to consider before purchasing an insulation tester are:
●     Voltage range
●     Insulation Resistance required
●     Test Accuracy
Tracklink has an extensive range of insulation resistance testers to suit every need and we feature detailed specifications for every product which you can also find on our site. Insulation testers can range in price from anywhere between £200 and £800. We highly recommend using recognised brands and paying a little bit extra for piece of mind as insulation testers are so vital to maintaining high standards.
Our experts highly recommend Fluke and Megger products which are renowned industry wide for their quality, reliability and ease of use. Our best selling insulation testers that are mid range are:
1.    Fluke model 1507
2.    Megger MiT481
3.    Megger MiT420
With Tracklink, you are guaranteed to be buying quality products as we only stock the very best insulation testers on the market. You will not find any cheap or inferior testers on our site. If you need any advice before buying your insulation tester, please contact a member of the team on: 01428 685 124 or contact us online here