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Thermal Imagers - A Handy Buying Guide

Thermal Imagers use infrared technology to detect the subtlest of temperature differences that would otherwise be impossible to see with the naked eye. The technology, which was originally developed for military use, has made its way into the railway industry with Thermal Imaging proving to be vital for conducting accurate inspections,detecting faults and improving safety.
This handy buying guide will help you decide what the most important considerations are when purchasing a Thermal Imager.
Thermal Imagers are particularly renowned in the industry for instant thermal overload recognition, preventative maintenance and noncontact thermal measurements. As a specialist and leading supplier of Thermal Imagers in the UK, Tracklink has the expertise and knowledge to make sure you buy the product that is suited to your needs. There are a few important considerations you should think about before investing in this high-tech equipment which are cost, image quality and temperature range.
Thermal Imagers can range from anywhere between £700 and £9,000 depending on their specification, so you will want to make sure you balance the features against the costs.
The image resolution of your Thermal Imager is another important factor you will need to consider. The higher the image resolution, the more expensive the equipment will be.
We recommend you try to get the best possible image resolution for your budget range, as this will impact the accuracy of your readings.
The final consideration is temperature range that will depend largely on the requirements of your environment.
Whilst there are many Thermal Imagers available on the market, you will want to stay clear of cheaper products that will most definitely be inferior in quality.
We highly recommend Fluke’s range of Thermal Imagers that come in three series (Performance, Professional and Expert) that cater to varying budgets and specifications.
Tracklink prides itself on supplying only the highest quality products and is an exclusive distributor of Fluke products for their superior quality, specification and backup services.
The Fluke TiS20, from the Performance Series, is a great option for lower budgets without compromising on image quality or temperature range.
Another extremely popular model in the Performance Series is the Fluke TiS45, which gives you better detector resolution is an affordable option for its specification. The Ti300, from Fluke’s Professional Series, is one of our most highly sought after Thermal Imagers for its superior image quality and LaserSharp Auto Focus feature.
For the full range of Thermal Imagers available visit our site here or for help with buying any of our products get in touch with a member of our team who would be happy to help you.