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What are Multifunction Testers?

Multifunction testers (also known as MFT) allow you to test low voltage circuits and as such, are a staple in every electricians tool kit.
A multifunction tester allows you to check the safety of circuits in variety of applications including domestic, commercial and industrial. In particular, multifunction testers are great for ensuring that fixed wiring is properly installed and meets the required standard (i.e. IEC 60364).
Because multifunction testers form an integral part of an electrician’s work, it’s very important that you think carefully before you purchase one. Our experts recommend that you focus on safety and performance when buying a MFT and also avoid choosing cheaper and inferior alternatives.
A MFT is an expensive piece of kit which will cost you anywhere between £350 and £1500. There are lots of brands that offer them at lower prices, however, in our experience it is always worth paying extra for quality – and definitely not worth risking your reputation over.
As an industry leader in providing electrical products and testing equipment, Tracklink prides itself on supplying only the highest quality products.
Our range of multifunction testers feature only the very best products and brands available on the market. We stock Megger, Fluke and Veritest multifunction testers.
For more information on any of our MFT’s or any of our other products please contact a member of our team on 01428 685 124 or visit our site