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Laser Distance Meter 5cm to 100m

Ref: FL100

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Time-saving device to record and calculate distance, volume and area
Make light work of measuring distance, volume and area with the laser distance meter. Great for electricians, plumbers, carpenters and estate agents who need to save time measuring spaces, whether it’s a room or the distance from one point to another. The laser distance meter measures from 5cm to a distance of 100m and can calculate area and volume. It also has shortcut keys for adding, subtracting and Pythagoras to measure height or length remotely, saving time on complicated calculations.
The tool has a class 2 laser and a backlit display screen which shows multiple readings. The tool allows for continuous measurements and minimum and maximum distances can also be tracked. The device can store up to 20 measurements in meters, inches and feet. The laser switches off after 30 seconds and the whole device after 3 minutes of inactivity to save battery life. A great laser meter which saves time as it does the calculations for you.
Features of the laser distance meter:
●     Take fast and accurate measurements from 5cm to 100m
●     Calculates area and volume
●     Adds and subtracts
●     Shortcut keys for main calculations
●     Tracks minimum and maximum distances
●     Backlit display
●     Dust and splash proof
●     Soft touch buttons
●     Stores up to 20 measurements
●     Auto power off feature for laser and whole device
●     Built-in audible alarm
●     Battery life lasts for 6000 measurements (included)
●     2 year warranty
To find out more about the laser distance meter call us on 01428 685124 or email enquiries@tklink.co.uk.