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Solar Power Meter

Ref: LX-1307

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Easy to use and impact-resistant solar meter
Used by solar power engineers to monitor the efficiency of solar panels, the meter offers rapid response times and accurate readings. A hand-held device with the necessary attachments to start testing straightaway, the tester has a data hold feature to freeze results on screen for taking manual recordings and measures from 0 to 1,999w/m² or 0 to 634BTU/(ft²h).
The power meter comes with a built-in sunlight silicon photo-diode sensor and large 50mm LCD display screen which is backlit for poorly lit conditions. There is a low battery indicator and the min/max hold feature shows the lowest and highest readings. A tough carry case is included, together with a protective lens case and battery. A reliable appliance for all solar power engineers.
Features of the solar power meter:
●     Measures solar power from 0 to 1,999w/m² or 0 to 634BTU/(ft²h)
●     Great for solar power engineers to compare strength of sunlight against the efficiency of solar panels
●     Can detect potential faults with solar panels
●     Includes photo-diode sensor
●     50mm display screen
●     Min/max and data hold features
●     Low battery indicator
●     Includes tough case, lens cap and battery
●     Suitable for domestic or commercial use to monitor the efficiency of solar panels
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