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TKL3655 FDM Adaptor Tester, Non-Intrusive

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Non-Intrusive Earth Leakage Test Adaptor.
The model TKL3655 is assembled by Tracklink and is specifically designed for FDM Systems. 

The adapter’s Green lead should be connected to the test earth and the Red lead shall be connected to the cable under test, normally on the cable terminals. The voltage reading (v) on the multimeter should be allowed to steady before being noted.

The Red lead should then be connected to the test terminals in the order shown below. The reference readings do not require any stabilising time and should be performed using the same multimeter within a short period (three minutes) of the cable test.

Terminal                               Reference Value (Mega Ω)

White                                                            1M

Brown                                                           3M

Yellow                                                           6M

Green                                                          10M

Blue                                                             15M


For each of the reference terminals the voltage observed should be compared against the voltage observed on the cable (v). The reference voltage will be seen to go steadily lower as the reference resistance value increases.  When the reference terminal voltage is lower than the cable voltage (v), the cable leakage resistance is lower than that reference value.