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TPWS Superior Multimeter Kit c/w Cal Certificates

Ref: Superior

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Multimeter with extreme temperature compensation circuit
Designed for train protection & warning system signalling, this high specification kit gives accurate readings down to -20 degrees celsius. It can also be used for general maintenance testing.  The kit comes in a hardwearing case which is watertight, airtight, dustproof and corrosion proof.
The kit includes various shunts, an earth leakage tester and calibration certificates. The tools within this kit can also be found individually on the website, but with this kit all of the equipment is contained in a virtually unbreakable case.
Features of the multimeter kit:
·         Kit containing TPWS multimeter 
·         MK5 AC earth leakage tester
·         Calibration certificates
·         Extremely hardwearing case
·         Shunts included: 150kΩ, 1Ω, HVI and TPWS
·         220Ω  block joint shunt tester included
·         Fluke ToolPak (TPAK) meter hanging kit
·         Fluke 1AC II - volt alert
To find out more about the multimeter kit call us on 01428 685124 or email enquiries@tklink.co.uk.