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Oscar 250C Telecom Network Line Monitor

Ref: 136A917

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Oscar250C Oscillator and auto-ranging dB meter suitable for any use involving the distribution or broadcasting of audio level signals
Can be used for fault location and lining up of data/speech networks
Independent operation
Calibration in dBM
True r.m.s. reading
+10 to -50dB range
Provides a d.c. patch for control signals and line hold in telecom applications
Built-in switchable 600? termination
Switchable tone source built-in

3 Digit Display
Resolution 0.01dB
Frequency Range 100Hz to 100Hz
Receiver Terminations (1) through 17k?
Send Levels 0dB or -10dB
Send Frequency 800Kz to 1600Hz
Output Impedance 600? with D.C. path
Power by a 9V PP3 battery supplied