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Fluke Connect

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The new Fluke ir3000FC connector, allowing you to connect your Fluke test tool to the Fluke Connect™ mobile app.


If you already have one of the Fluke tools below in your tool box or tool belt, or are considering purchasing one, add the ir3000FC connector so you can communicate with the Fluke Connect™ app.  By using the Fluke Connect™ ir3000FC connector with the mobile app, technicians can efficiently and safely capture real-time readings of the primary display, and share data from the field.
Supported Fluke tools:
·         Digital Multimeter: 189, 287, 289
·         Process Tool: 789
Supported smart phones:
·         Android 4.4 & up
·         iPhone 4s & later
Download the Fluke Connect™ mobile app from the Apple or Google app store to get started.