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Fluke 985 Particle Counter

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The Fluke-985 Particle Counter gives the HVAC / Indoor Air Quality Professional peace of mind that their particle counter is always read to work and make their job easier. The long battery life, on-screen trend graph and 10,000 record storage space means the tool is always ready to go. The ergonomic design and intuitive interface makes it easy to use. The multi-channel and wide range of particle size measurements mean it’s the right tool for nearly every job.


• Contamination and Quality Control
• Clean Rooms and Certification and Monitoring
?? Energy Assessment
• Indoor Air Quality Investigations
• Filter Testing and Leak Detection

The Fluke-985 Particle Counter offers:

• Six channels and a particle size range of 0.3 ?m to 10 ?m means this particle counter is right for any Indoor Air Quality job
• Ultra-light weight and ergonomic design for easy-to-use, single handed operation in tight or awkward spaces
• Beautiful, large color screen for easy viewing of data and the on-screen trend graph
• USB/Ethernet data transfer without the need for propriety (purchased) software package
• Long battery life and easy-charge station so the tool is always ready for work
• Meets ISO 21501, JIS B9921 and CE standards
• One Year Warranty

• Fluke 985 ships with
o Cradle for charging and USB/Ethernet communication
o Ethernet cable
o USB cable
o 12 VDC power supply
o Zero count inlet filter
o Filter adapter
o Inlet protective cap
o Hard case
o Getting started manual and user manual on CD