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Signalling Team Leader Toolkit 0086/003022

Ref: 0086/003022

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Signalling Team Leader Toolkit. 086/003022

The Signalling Team Leader Railway Tool kit contains:-

6" Hand Smooth File

10" Flat Smooth File

12" Round Second Cut File

8" Hand Second Cut File

6" Round Second Cut File

File handle for 6" & 8" files

File handle for 10" & 12" files

Circular Inspection Mirror

15" Adjustable Wrench

18" Adjustable Wrench

3/4" x 7/8" Whit O/E Spanner

1/2" x 9/16" Whit O/E Spanner

10mm x 13mm O/E Spanner

17mm x 19mm Ring Spanner

18mm x 19mm Ring Spanner

19mm Combination Spanner

2BA x 4BA O/E Spanner

10mm x 11mm O/E Spanner

24mm x 30mm O/E Spanner

24mm x 30mm Ring Spanner

12mm x 13mm O/E Spanner

14mm x 15mm O/E Spanner

16mm x 17mm O/E Spanner

18mm x 19mm O/E Spanner

Centre Punch

Engineers Scriber

150mm Flat nose Plier

150mm Side Cutter

Reinforced Base Toolbag

18" Wrecking Bar

Portable Gas Soldering Iron

Desoldering Tool

Internal Circlip Plier

External Circlip Plier

6mm x 8mm Checking Gauge

3mm Lock Arm Clearance Gauge

4mm Insulated Lock Arm Slide Gauge

2.5mm Detection Setting Guage

4mm Detection Setting Guage

2mm Switch Setting Limit Guage

1.5mm Switch Setting Limit Guage

Replacement Railway Signal Key c/w Pins

Point Guage (FPL)

Rail Clamp Point Lock Checking Guage

Utility Wallet

11/16" x 7/8" Whit Flare Ring Spanner

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