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TKL8253 Insulated Battery Maintenance Toolkit

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TKL8253 Insulated Battery MaintenanceToolkit

This selection of essential railway tools are designed specifically for Battery maintenance. They are fitted into a convenient and hard-wearing tool bag.

The Insulated contents of the kit are as follows:-

Toolbag (Hard Wearing)
6" Insulated Adjustable Wrench
8" Insulated Adjustable Wrench
12" Insulated Adjustable Wrench
10" Utility Plier
Cable Knife
Cable Cutters 200mm
10mm S/E O/E Insulated Spanner
13mm S/E O/E Insulated Spanner
17mm S/E O/E Insulated Spanner
19mm S/E O/E Insulated Spanner
32mm S/E O/E Insulated Spanner
8mm S/E Ring Insulated Spanner
10mm S/E Ring Insulated Spanner
13mm S/E Ring Insulated Spanner
17mm S/E Ring Insulated Spanner
19mm S/E Ring Insulated Spanner
2BA Insulated Nut Spinner
0BA Insulated Nut Spinner
4BA Insulated Nut Spinner
7mm Insulated Nut Spinner
10mm Insulated Nut Spinner
13mm Insulated Nut Spinner
150mm Side Cutter
150mm Long Snipe Plier
150mm Combination Plier
150mm Wire Stripper
10 pce Insulated Screwdriver Set
2.5mm x 50mm Screwdriver
3.5mm x 75mm Screwdriver
5.5mm x 150mm Screwdriver
0 pt x 75mm Philips Screwdriver
1 pt x 100mm Philips Screwdriver
2 pt x 125mm Philips Screwdriver
0 pt x 75mm Pozi Screwdriver
1 pt x 100mm Pozi Screwdriver
2 pt x 125mm Pozi Screwdriver
Voltage Tester Screwdriver
Insulated Hammer
Insulated Junior Hacksaw Frame
Pk(10) 6" Junior Hacksaw Blades
Fuse Extractor, Small
Fuse Extractor, Large
3mm Insulated Hex Key
4mm Insulated Hex Key
5mm Insulated Hex Key
6mm Insulated Hex Key


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