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Treadle, Double Arm (B-A) Direction

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Railway treadle to detect trains up to 260 km/hour
This double arm railway treadle detects the precise location of a train, and is used at level crossings or for axle counting and signal control. The treadle detects when a train axle has passed over it, providing information to signal control or level crossings. It can also be used with an annunciator circuit to make a sound to alert others that the train has passed. 
The treadle provides exact information and pin-point accuracy which isn’t always achievable with a track circuit. It is mounted directly onto the track and can detect trains or single vehicles travelling up to 260 km/hour. The treadle is for A/B direction and is housed in a cast iron outer.  
It is designed so that the torsion bars absorb the energy produced by the wheel rolling over it, which subsequently controls a mechanical interlock. This selects the electrical contact to be operated, depending on the direction of the train. By working in this way, it ensures a period of closure regardless of the time-constant of the circuits being controlled. Overall, a very reliable and precise treadle for controlling gates and lights at level crossings, signal controls and counting train axles. 
Features of the treadle:
·   Detects the exact location of a train 
·   Used for level crossings, signal control and axle counting 
·   Mounts on the track 
·   Pin-point accuracy 
·   Detects trains travelling up to 260 km/hour 
·   Housed in cast iron for added protection 
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