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MUR EX® All Substrates Repair Filler 2kg


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Toupret® MUR EX® Exterior All Substrates Repair Filler can be used to fill and repair with no depth limit. No stabilising solution or PVA required. Offers exceptional adherence to all substrates and can be overcoated in 24 hours. Sets rock hard and will not flash or grin. Suitable for external use.

Can be used on new or renovated substrates, either unpainted or painted: gypsum plaster, old painted surfaces, cement, concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stone, glass and glazed tiles.

Overcoat with any waterborne masonry or conventional coating, mineral, organic and siloxane binder paints. If using solvent based paint, a first primer coat of waterborne masonry paint is recommended.

1 x Toupret® MUR EX® All Substrates Repair Filler 2kg