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Super Glue Creative Pen 4g


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The Loctite Super Glue Creative Pen eliminates glue spills, sticky fingers and messy DIY jobs. Designed for accurate, no-mess application, the pen’s precision tip, rubber grips and fast-setting time keeps bonding tasks easy. Simply press lightly on the pen for drop-by-drop application, glueing is now as easy as writing. Some ordinary glues can leak, but the gel formula and non-drip system ensure this glue won't. 

A no-clog cap ensures longer life and more use, so don’t worry about running out before the job’s done. This solvent-free adhesive sets in seconds and dries clear, making it great for invisible, discreet repairs. Provides strong bonds to paper, cardboard, wood, chipboard, fabric, metal, rubber and hard plastics*. It even works as a ceramic glue.

Before applying, make sure the surface is clean, dry and close fitting. To puncture the nozzle, turn cap clockwise until the clicking sound stops. To unscrew cap, turn counterclockwise. Squeeze side grips and apply sparingly to one surface. Press parts together and hold for 15-30 seconds. Replace cap immediately. For increased strength, leave the bond undisturbed for at least 5 minutes (fully cures in 12-24 hours).

*except polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).