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Conical Soldering Tip 0.8mm for WLIR30

Ref: WELC08IR30

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Replacement Conical Soldering Tip for the Weller WLIR30 Soldering Iron. Helps deliver heat to small areas, such as PCBs, and can also be used for general soldering tasks. Join wires (<12AWG), micro-electronics, drones, small appliances, model railroads, audio components, electronic repair, automotive, marine, hobby kits and crafts. The tip is easy to remove and replace by turning the screw on the side of the heater. Ensures secure placement of tip into the heater for optimal performance.

Also compatible with: WLIR3012A, WLIR3023C, WLIR3023G, WLIR3023I, WLIR3023M, WLIRK3012A, WLIRK3023C, WLIRK3023G, WLIRK3023I, WLIRK3023M, WLSK3012A, WLSK3023C, WLSK3023G and WLSK3023I.


Size: 0.8mm