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ForgeFast TORX® Compatible Flooring MDF Chipboard Screw 4.2 x 55mm Box 200


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The ForgeFast Elite Performance MDF & Chipboard Flooring Screw is specifically designed for fixing flooring grade boards to timber structures. The double cutting point breaks through the hard, dense surface of flooring grade materials. The anti-split, fast start thread can then engage quickly to form a rapid pick-up at the start of insertion.

Reduced drive torque and no pre-drilling mean quick installations, whilst the fix remains firm with improved pull-out. The Under head ribs are designed for self-countersinking producing a flush secure finish on flooring. Double cutting point reduces splitting and drive time and is capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel.

A firmer fix with reduced drive torque and improved pull-out provided by a serrated cutting thread. Improved holding power from the reinforced countersunk neck. Improved countersinking from the ribbed head. TORX® compatible insert for a higher transmission of power. CE approved for use in load-bearing timber construction. Molecular lubrication. Elementech 400 surface coating provides corrosion resistance. Salt spray tested to 400 hours. A Non-Cr, Cr3+, yellow/zinc plated surface is environmentally friendly. Lasts up to 6 times longer than standard zinc screw protective coating. Suitable for interior use.