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Marathon™ Jumbo Mini Roller Sleeve 114 x 19mm (4.1/2 x 3/4in) (Pack 2)

Ref: PUR14G624062

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The Purdy® Marathon™ Jumbo Mini Roller Sleeve, in a pack of 2, will last you years due to its unique blend of nylon and polyester. Lasts longer and paints further for consistent coverage and a smooth finish. Picks up more paint than a normal sleeve so fewer trips back and forth.
Perfect for large projects. Suitable with oil and water-based paints and for interior or exterior jobs.
No more buying a new sleeve after every job, the Marathon™ will save you time and effort.


Material: Nylon/ Polyester.
Size: 114mm (4.1/2in).
Pile Height: 9.5mm (3/8in).
Core: 19mm (3/4in).
Pack Quantity: 2.