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Pro-Extra® Colossus™ Sleeve 228 x 44mm (9 x 1.3/4in)

Ref: PUR140665095

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The Purdy® Pro-Extra® Colossus™ Sleeve is made from 100% woven polyamide, so it picks up and releases more paint, making it ideal when speed and efficiency are key. It will leave a smooth finish when working on larger commercial jobs, plasterboard, artex and exterior walls. The tapered end reduces tram lines for a consistently uniform finish. Its design also helps to reduce dripping and spatter when loading up, to guarantee a smooth finish.

Suitable for all latex and oil based paints. For flat, eggshell and satin finishes.

Material: 100% woven polyamide
Size: 228mm (9in)
Nap Depth: 25mm (1in)
Core: 44mm (1.3/4in)