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SDS Plus Chisel and Drill Bits Set, 6 Piece

Ref: IRW2027601

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The IRWIN SDS Plus 6 Piece Chisel and Drill Bits Set has been designed for a wide range of applications. The high-quality alloy steel is precision hardened for optimum performance and life, making it ideal for concrete and masonry. This includes breaking through or breaking up concrete, light demolition work and chasing of channels for pipes and electrical conduit. The SPEEDHAMMER™ Plus drill bits have 28% greater flute capacity, delivering faster dust removal and increased drilling speed.

The kit features:

1 x Flat Chisel 20 x 250mm
1 x Spade Chisel 40 x 200mm
1 x Pointed Chisel 250mm
3 x SDS Plus Drill Bits 5.5/6/7 x 160mm