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KFC03051 Kwik-Change Electrician's Holesaw Kit, 8 Piece

Ref: STRKFC03051

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The Starrett KFC03051 Kwik-Change Electrician's Holesaw Kit contains a selection of sizes to cover a variety of different jobs. Fast Cut Holesaws features a new tooth material and design for enhanced heat and wear resistance to provide a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials.

The Starrett Kwik-Change Arbor System offers fast, tool-free changes between different sizes and types of holesaws, making it an invaluable addition for any regular holesaw user. It also provides a simple method for core ejection and hole enlargement. The A015C 119mm high speed steel pilot drill will fit all Starrett A6 Kwik-Change arbor systems, including the ones in this kit.

Specifically suited to cutting stainless and mild steel sheets, this holesaws set will also cut through tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm (1/8in).

Packed in a sturdy EVA carry case. Contains:

3 x Fast Cut Holesaws: 20, 25, 32mm.

2 x A6-2 Arbors attached to 20mm & 25mm holesaws.

1 x A6-3 Arbor attached to 32mm holesaw.

1 x A6 Kwik-Change Chuck.

1 x A015C Pilot Drill.