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KMP09021 TCT Multi Purpose Holesaw Kit, 11 Piece

Ref: STRKMP09021

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The Starrett KMP09021 TCT Multi Purpose Holesaw Kit contains a selection of sizes to cover a variety of different jobs. Starrett Tungsten Carbide Tipped Fast Cut Multi Purpose Holesaws are the perfect tool for users from construction and installation engineers to the DIY enthusiast.

Offering very fast cutting times, and outstanding life, MPH saws will power through wood, MDF, plastics and ceramic wall tiles. Packed in a sturdy EVA carrying case, these kits will be an invaluable addition to any toolbox.


9 x Holesaws: 19, 22, 29, 35, 44, 51, 57, 64 and 68mm.
2 x Arbors: A1E and A17-38E.