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DUC306Z BL LXT Chainsaw 36V (2 x 18V) Bare Unit


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The Makita DUC306Z Brushless LXT Chainsaw is powered by 2 x 18V Li-ion batteries in series (not supplied), to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system. It has an efficient brushless motor with a soft start feature and an electronic brake for added user safety. Torque boost mode raises the current limit temporarily for faster cutting of thicker branches.

Fitted with a soft grip handle and a metal spike bumper that firmly grips the workpiece to provide more control, making cutting easier. Captive nuts prevent loss of nut when removing sprocket cover to replace guide bar or saw chain.

To be used by trained tree surgeons only!

Supplied as a Bare Unit - No Battery or Charger.


Bar Length: 30cm
Chain Speed: 0-20m/s.
Chain: Gauge: 0.043in
Chain Pitch: 3/8in
Weight: 5.1kg