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GC-SA 1231/1 Electric Lawn Scarifier/Aerator 1200W 240V

Ref: EINGCSA12311

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The Einhell GC-SA 1231/1 Electric Lawn Scarifier/Aerator is a powerful and reliable combined device designed to provide healthy lawn care. Recommended for lawns up to 300m². It has a ball bearing mounted cutting roller with 8 high-quality double blades to remove weeds and moss with their roots thoroughly. There is also a ball bearing mounted aerator roller with 42 claws to provide professional soil aeration.

Working depth can be set in 3 stages meaning the scarifier/aerator can be adjusted to the requirements of soil and vegetation. A stand-by position protects the blades from damage. Its robust housing is made from high-quality, shock-resistant plastics. The folding guide rail enables the scarifier to be stored and transported easily.

Supplied with a large 28 litre collector bag.


Input Power: 1,200W.
Working Width: 31cm.
Working Depth: 3 Settings, Max. Depth 9mm.
Number of Knives: 8, Number of Claws: 42.
Collection Bag: 28 litre.
Wheel Diameter: Front 18cm, Rear 10mm.
Weight: 9kg.