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GE-HC 18 Li T-Solo Power X-Change Pole Pruner/Trimmer 18V Bare Unit


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The Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T-Solo Power X-Change Pole Pruner/Trimmer is a powerful device to cut branches and high hedges easily. It has metal gearing for long life.

It is supplied with 2 heads: Pole Pruner Head and Hedge Trimmer Head.

The Pole Pruner Head has a high-quality OREGON blade and OREGON chain, ensuring clean-cutting results. Rotatable across 90° for effortless horizontal cuts. A claw stop prevents slipping during the sawing works. The automatic chain lubrication supplies the chain with the needed lubrication by means of an oil container. If needed, it can be tightened and changed without any tools.

The Hedge Trimmer Head has blades made of laser-cut, diamond-ground steel for clean-cutting results. It can be transported safely and comfortably in the stable bag supplied.

To execute cuts cleanly and precisely, even difficult ones, the motor head can be sloped 7-fold and the main grip 4-fold. The continuously adjustable telescopic aluminium handle is lightweight and can be set to any height between 880mm and 1820mm. There is also an additional adjustable handgrip that can be adapted to any user due to its practical quick lock. This range of features covers every working situation.

Supplied as a Bare Unit - No Battery or Charger.


Chain Saw Bar Length: 20cm
Chain Cutting Speed: 3.76m/s
Hedge Trimmer Max. Cutting Length: 40cm
Teeth Spacing: 16mm
Weight: 6.9kg