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Flopro NeverKink EasyReel Complete Hose Reel Set 25m

Ref: FLO70300476

£93.33 excl. VAT £112.00 inc. VAT
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The Flopro NeverKink EasyReel Complete Hose Reel Set contains the following:

1 x EasyReel Hose Reel. Designed for stability for easy unwinding and rewinding of the hose. Stable legs make sure unwinding the hose will be quicker as well as easier. Handles on top ensure the hose will stay in place whilst rewinding the hose. Furthermore, you can use the handle to carry the reel. It can be used free standing or wall mounted. 

25m of Flopro Never Kink Hose with kink-free technology. Its patented NTS inner knitted mesh layer will absorb any twists and kinks, giving you a frustration-free hosepipe. Made from 25% recycled PVC, this hose also offers maximum durability with its dual outer layer to protect from UV rays for longer life. It also has an anti-cut and abrasion surface for the smooth handling of all your watering jobs.

Contents include:

1 x  Dual Fit Outside Tap Connector (1/2in & 3/4in).
1 x Hose Connector.
1 x Water Stop Hose Connector.
1 x Watering Nozzle.


Max. Hose Capacity: 45m of 12.5mm Ø Hose.