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Professional Hose & Cart System 30m

Ref: FLO70300157

£170.11 £138.21 excl. VAT £165.85 inc. VAT
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The Flopro Professional Hose & Cart System has a rust-resistant aluminium frame with comfort grip handle and reinforced wheels, designed to ensure the hose does not twist or kink when winding. An adjustable handle creates additional feet to ensure the cart does not move while the hose is in use. Fitted with a folding support stand for added stability, easy manoeuvrability and compact storage. The Tricot reinforced hose is durable and flexible. It's also UV, algae and kink resistant. Fitted with snap-fit connectors, making it 100% compatible with all watering brands.

Comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Supplied with:

1 x Hose 30m
1 x Dual Fit Outside Tap Connector (1/2in & 3/4in)
1 x Hose Connector
1 x Water Stop Hose Connector
1 x Watering Nozzle
1 x 1.5m Cart to Tap Connector Set