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A 1500 SK Aluminium Demolition Pry Bar 1500mm 3.4kg

Ref: HUL841054

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The Hultafors A 1500 SK Aluminium Demolition Pry Bar combines the best features of both a pry bar and a wrecking bar. Its claw with a nail puller makes it an excellent alternative to a wrecking bar. The claw is made from hardened boron steel, broad and robust but still thin enough to provide the best possible access.

The long handle provides more power and makes it easier to work with a more ergonomic posture compared to working with a shorter wrecking bar. Made of hollow, specially alloyed aluminium making it light weight and strong at the same time. This low weight compared to steel pry bars and Burke bars makes it more gentle on the body, which is especially important when working above shoulder height.