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Bolster & Chisel Set with Non-Slip Guards, 3 Piece

Ref: ROU31933

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Roughneck 3 Piece Bolster & Chisel Set with Non-Slip Guards is manufactured from drop-forged and heat-treated superior quality chrome vanadium steel to ensure outstanding toughness and long-life performance. The 45° single chamfer cutting edge offers the optimal balance between cutting performance and longevity. Each piece is equipped with a patented non-slip guard that securely locks onto the shaft. Eliminates the age-old problem of grips slipping up the shaft during impact. Additionally, the guard can be removed within seconds to improve access in tight areas or to aid flush cutting.

This 3 piece set contains:

1 x Cold Chisel with Non-Slip Hand Guard: 25 x 279mm (1 x 11in)
2 x Brick Bolsters with Non-Slip Hand Guards: 76 x 279mm (3 x 11in) and 102 x 279mm (4 x 11in)