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Cable Rods 10m Deluxe Set with 8 Attachments


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The Super Rod Deluxe Set enables examination, planning and installation via the fastest and most economical route meaning that less time is spent drilling and fixing. Ideal for professional electricians, data installers etc. Supplied with a mixture of 4 rod flexibilities, with a total of length 10m and 8 cable handling attachments, allowing you to take on difficult cable routing tasks.

Contains the following:

2 x Black Adoxim 5® Rods 6mm x 1m
6 x Red Adoxim 5® Rods 5mm x 1m
2 x Yellow Adoxim 5® Rods 4mm x 1m
1 x Flexi Lead
1 x Tuff Hook
1 x Mini Eye & Ring
1 x Gender Changer
1 x Domed Bullet
1 x Flat Bullet
1 x Super Magnet
1 x Super Beam
1 x Tough Carry Tube