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CableQuick Set 10m

Ref: SPRCQ10

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The Super Rod CableQuick Set is the perfect starter kit for anyone routing cables, it comes complete with a few basic attachments. Perfect for installing cable into awkward areas such as cavity walls, under floors and through walls. Super Rods use a highly precise swaging process to produce all of their rods. If you look at the rod end fittings you will see the indents from this process. Unlike crimping, swaging is consistent, ensuring minimum tensile loads are continually achieved. Furthermore, swaging is almost twice as strong as gluing and does not require any chemicals.

All components and sets of the Quick family are interchangeable with each other. Please note this is NOT compatible with the Super Rod Pro Sets.

Contains the following:

10 x GRP Rods 4mm x 1m
1 x Mini Eye
1 x Mini Hook
1 x Flexi Lead 130 x 4mm