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Mega Set 16m with 15 Attachments


£187.48 £134.75 excl. VAT £161.70 inc. VAT
Only UK orders accepted

The Super Rod Mega Set has been designed for the professional, who works with cable on a daily basis. It has everything you need.

Contains the following:

3 x Black Adoxim 5® Rods 6mm x 1m
6 x Red Adoxim 5® Rods 5mm x 1m
1 x Red Adoxim 5® Swivel Rod 5mm x 1m
3 x Yellow Adoxim 5® Rods 4mm x 1m
1 x Yellow Adoxim 5® Swivel Rod 4mm x 1m
1 x Glow Adoxim 5® Swivel Rod 5mm x 1m
1 x Nylon Rod 5mm x 1m
1 x Shape It Flexi Lead
1 x Flexi Lead
1 x Tuff Hook
1 x Mini Eye & Ring
1 x Gender Changer
1 x Domed Bullet
1 x Flat Bullet
1 x Super Magnet
1 x Super Beam
1 x Chain (Patent Pending)
2 x Super Grips (6–10mm & 11–15mm)
1 x Glow Domed Bullet
1 x Glow Mini Eye
1 x Glow Claw
1 x Glow Domed Eye
1 x Glow Mini Hook
1 x Tough Carry Tube