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Polymer Toolbox Rod Kit


£19.63 £14.11 excl. VAT £16.93 inc. VAT
Only UK orders accepted

The Super Rod Polymer Rod Set is a non-conductive cable routing tool, perfect for use in electrically sensitive areas such as data cabling, computer housings, telecoms and machinery.

The GRP and Polymer mixture used to produce the kit offers excellent strength, whilst different ratios and profiles offer a range of flexibilities. The 4 piece set offers excellent value, making it the perfect starter or occasional set.

Contains the following:

1 x Round Black Rod 5 x 330mm
1 x Round Red Rod 5 x 330mm
1 x Flat Red Rod 5 x 330mm
1 x Round Glow Rod 5 x 330mm
1 x Domed Bullet
1 x Mini Eye
1 x Glow Claw
1 x Domed Eye
1 x Mini Hook