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Socket Polarity Tester with RCD Test Function


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The Faithfull Socket Tester is an essential mains safety tester designed for testing socket wiring and RCDs. It will determine whether a socket is wired correctly or incorrectly. Used in conjunction with the coding table provided, the 5 combined indicators show the true status of the sockets wiring condition. It provides a true ground error indication through the LCD if dangerous contact voltage is present at the protective earth (PE). The use of 3 neon indicators for L-N-PE provides rapid detection of correct/incorrect socket wiring. It is equipped with an additional RCD tester for testing the operation of RCDs with a rating of not more than 30mA.


Socket Type: UK 240V 3-Pin
Nominal Voltage: 220V ±10%
Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
Measurement Category: CATIII, 300V
RCD Test Time: 60~300ms
Contact Voltage Threshold: <35 AC against ground depending on coupling to earth
RCD Test Current: 30mA ±15%
Dimensions: 77 x 67 x 66mm
Weight: approx. 70g