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Voltage and Continuity Tester 0.5-1,000 V AC, CAT IV

Ref: WHA45217

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This Wiha Voltage and Continuity Tester is made for standardised voltage testing, continuity testing, optical rotational field testing, single-pole testing, automatic polarity detection, resistance and frequency measurements. 
Thanks to a large digital LCD display with background illumination and an LED display, the measurement results are immediately readable. An additional signal sound indicates the current flow during the continuity check. A check can also be conveniently carried out on sockets with a single hand thanks to the integrated spacer. Simultaneous pressing of both buttons on both handles of the test tips allows the functional test of the FI protective switch by connecting a load.
It also has an integrated flashlight function, providing optimal illumination conditions even in poorly lit work environments.
According to the measurement categories CAT III up to 1,000 V and CAT IV up to 600 V, the voltage and continuity tester from Wiha offers maximum safety for working on building installation and directly on the sources of low-voltage installations.

Complaint with the standards IEC 61243-3:2014, IP64, CE CAT III 1.000V / CAT IV 600V.


Voltage V AC (min. – max.): 0.5-1,000V.
Voltage V DC (min. – max.): 0.5-1,500V.
Single-pole Phase Test: 100 - 700 V AC.
Protection Class: IP 64.
Operating Temperature: -15 - 40°C.
Power: 2 x AAA Batteries (supplied).