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L4 CLL-301C REDLITHIUM™ USB Green Cross Line Laser


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The Milwaukee L4 CLL REDLITHIUM™ USB Cross Line Laser provides an all-in-one functionality with horizontal levelling and vertical alignment. It has a 3 mode pendulum system: Manual Mode for use at any angle, Self-Levelling Mode that indicates out-of-level condition with a 4° self-levelling range, and Pendulum Lock Mode to protect components during transport. High-intensity green diodes provide uncompromised visibility, up to 4x better visibility vs red lasers.

It has a robust, overmoulded construction with an IP54 rating, water/debris resistant, and can withstand up to 1m drops. The design incorporates a magnetic bracket with rear-mounted amplified rare earth magnets, 1/4in tripod thread, and a hang hole for attachment to steel and wooden stud. It also provides the laser 360° rotation, with an integrated micro-control knob for faster point-to-point alignment.

A fuel gauge on the top and side of the laser allows for fast checking of the REDLITHIUM™ USB battery charge.

Supplied with 1 x REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0Ah Battery. This battery replaces up to 6,000 alkaline batteries over its lifetime. It is also supplied with 1 x Track Clip, 1 x Micro-USB Cable and 1 x Wall Plug.


Level Accuracy: + 0.3mm/m
Working Range: 30m, up to 100m with Detector
Self-Levelling Range: 4°
Self-Levelling Time: 3 Seconds
Run Time: 8 hours
Weight: 0.90kg