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QUADRO Plus Pliers Set

Ref: JOK62000

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The Jokari QUADRO Plus Pliers offer 4 functions: cutting, insulation stripping, twisting and crimping. This means wires can be prepared quickly and without the need for switching between tools. Twisting prevents splaying of wire strands to enable easy insertion in connector sleeves.

With an integrated locking mechanism to ensure an even, high-quality pressing. The locking mechanism releases when the crimp stamp has reached the final position. End Sleeve Strips are pre-loaded into the cartridge, then the cartridge can be quickly inserted or removed for re-loading or switching between cable diameters. There is no adjustment necessary for all different cross-sections of the working range.

Supplied in a durable plastic storage box with foam inlays and the following accessories: 3 x Magazines and 5 x End Sleeve Strips 0.5, 0.75,1.0,1.5, 2.5mm²


Working Range: wires with insulation made of PVC from 0.5 to 2.5mm² (AWG 20-14).