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C15/22 C-Style Copper Cutter 15 & 22mm

Ref: RID57018

£35.77 £33.54 excl. VAT £40.25 inc. VAT
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The RIDGID C15/22 C-Style 15 & 22mm Copper Cutter is one cutter with a quick-change feature. With a snap-on feature for a quick pipe connection and no size adjustment, saving valuable time. The spring-loaded cutter wheel provides constant pressure on the pipe for fast, straight cuts every time.

RIDGID’s X-CEL® Wheel Pin provides quick wheel replacement. No tools or disassembly of the housing required. It has a heavy-duty construction, enclosed in a zinc die-cast housing for increased durability. The body features unique screwdriver slots that provide extra leverage when making cuts in tight spaces.