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062142 Screwdriver Set in Rack, 26 Piece

Ref: STA062142

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26 Piece Stanley Screwdriver Set, contains a selection of useful screwdrivers for everyday use. Fitted with comfortable handles and supplied in a handy storage rack. Contains the following:

8 x Slotted Screwdrivers: 6x38mm, 3x50mm, 3x75mm, 5x100mm, 6x100mm, 6x150mm, 8x150mm & 8x200mm.

8 x Phillips Screwdrivers: PH2x38mm, PH00x75mm,PH0x75mm, PH1x100mm, PH2x100mm, PH2x150mm, PH3x150mm & PH3x200mm.

6 TORX Screwdrivers: TX15x100mm, TX20x100mm, TX25x100mm, TX27x100mm, TX30x100mm & TX40x150mm.

4 x Pozi Screwdrivers: PZ0x75mm, PZ1x75mm, PZ2x100mm & PZ3x150mm.