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Kraftform Plus VDE Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set, 7 Piece

Ref: WER022728

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The Wera 3160 i/7 Kraftform Plus VDE 1,000 Volt Stainless Steel Lasertip Screwdriver Set contains premium quality Stainless bladed Phillips and Slotted screwdrivers.

Designed primarily for stainless fixings in keeping rust at bay, Wera’s Stainless tool range prevents extraneous rust caused by use of conventional tools cross-contaminating stainless fasteners. The tools are ideal for the construction, food, medical and marine industries. In addition, Wera’s unique vacuum ice-hardened process gives the necessary hardness for industrial applications.

Indiviually tested to EN60900:2012, these VDE screwdrivers are guaranteed safe working at 1,000 Volts (tested to 10,000 Volts). Their multi-component Kraftform handles deliver comfort during intensive use and incorporate Lasertip blades for easier and more secure screwdriving through their 'bite into screw heads. Each handle end is marked with profile and size for correct tool selection.


4 x Slotted VDE Stainless Steel Lasertip: 3.0 x 80mm, 3.5 x 100mm, 4.0 x 100mm, 5.5 x 125mm.
2 x Phillips VDE Stainless Steel Lasertip: PH1 x 80mm, PH2 x 125mm.
1 x Stainless Steel Voltage Tester 3.0x 70mm.