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LiftUp 26one® Bit Screwdriver

Ref: WHA43895

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The Wiha LiftUp 26one® Bit Screwdriver comes with a two-row bit holder contained within the handle. The bit magazine on the handle end pops out at the touch of a button, making the bits simple to remove. Thanks to its narrow shape, the SuperSlim bit holder even enables access to screws in blind holes, for instance, where other, 'thicker' bit holders have long failed.
Fitted with an ergonomically shaped SoftFinish® multi-component handle, made of skin-friendly special material. Coupled with its geometry which is easy on the hand and the large volume of the handle, it guarantees top torque values.

Supplied with: 

2 x Double Slotted Bits: 5.5/6.5mm and 4.0/6.0mm.

2 x Double Phillips Bits: PH0/PH3 and PH1/PH2.

2 x Double Pozidriv Bits: PZ0/PZ3 and PZ1/PZ2.

4 x Double TORX® Bits: T6/T8, T10/T15, T20/T25 and T27/T30.

2 x Double Internal Hexagon Bits: 3.0/4.0 and 5.0/6.0.

1 x Double Internal Square Bit #1/#2.