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Curved Diamond Whetstone 103mm


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The Faithfull Curved Diamond Whetstone has a compact design and is ideal for use on flat and curved blades. It features two flat sides and two removable diamond rods.

The two flat sides have 400G coarse and 600G medium grits and can be used on chisels, knives, scissors and many other cutting blades. The 600G 6mm and 12mm diameter diamond rods are ideal for honing concave wood carving chisels and moulding plane blades. The rods can be removed to be used individually or rotated in the holder to increase working life.

Can be used dry or with water as a lubricant, no oils are necessary.


Four Diamond Surfaces: 2 x Flat: 20 x 100mm 400G, 20 x 100mm 600G, 2 x Rods: 6 x 100mm 600G, 12 x 100mm 600G
Overall Size: 103 x 40 x 12mm