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LBM 2000 Closed Steel Tape 20m (Width 13mm) (Metric only)

Ref: STB19658

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The Stabila LBM 2000 Closed Steel Tape has a shatterproof PC/ABS housing with a shock-absorbent soft grip cover that protects the tape from hard hits. Ergonomically shaped for optimal handling, this tape measure lies securely in the hand.

The blade features an extremely resistant STABILA NYLON-WRAP coating that protects the blade from corrosion and abrasion. STABILA SPIKES coating improves slip resistance on smooth surfaces and when measuring over longer distances. It offers variable fastening options thanks to the fold-out SPIKES hook with integrated nail eyelet and large, unbreakable plastic ring with nail notch, for a secure hold when pulling the strap.

Clever plastic ring: simply add to the measured length, 2cm between the zero point and the nail notch, 5cm between the zero point and the start of the ring. The zero point is at the beginning of the hinge fitting.

This Stabila LBM 2000 Closed Steel Tape has metric measurements only.

Blade Length: 20m
Blade Width: 13mm
Accuracy: EC Class II