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electrician Tool Set, 18 Piece (inc. Belt Pouch)

Ref: WHA44574

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The 18 Piece Wiha electrician Tool Set provides and keeps all tools required for electrical applications within reach for constant access. At the same time, users have both hands free for working.
All the VDE tools in this kit have been individually tested at 10,000 V AC for electrical safety in accordance with IEC 60900:2012. Approved for 1,000 V AC.

Contains the following:

3 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Slotted Screwdrivers: 3.5 x 100mm, 4.0 x 100mm & 5.5 x 125mm.

1 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Pozidriv Screwdriver PZ1 x 80mm.

1 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix TORX® Screwdriver T10 x 100mm.

1 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix PlusMinus/Pozidriv Screwdriver SL/PZ2 x 100mm.

2 x PicoFinish® electric Fine Slotted Screwdrivers: 1.5 x 50mm & 2.5 x 65mm.

2 x PicoFinish® electric Fine Phillips Screwdrivers: PH00 x 50mm & PH0 x 65mm.

1 x Professional electric Needle Nose Pliers 200mm.

1 x TriCut Professional electric Installation Pliers 170mm.

1 x Professional electric Diagonal Cutters with DynamicJoint® 140mm.

1 x Longlife® Electrician's Folding Ruler, 2m.

1 x 100 - 310lm Flashlight (LED, laser and UV) incl. 3 x AAA batteries.

1 x SoftFinish® Single-pole Voltage Tester 110-250V.

1 x Measuring Tape 5m.

1 x Tool Belt Pouch.