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Service Technician Tool Set, 31 Piece (inc. Case)

Ref: WHA43879

£528.74 excl. VAT £634.49 inc. VAT
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The 31 Piece Wiha Service Technician Tool Set is ideal for electrical and electronic maintenance work on machines and components. All the VDE tools in this kit have been individually tested at 10,000 V AC for electrical safety in accordance with IEC 60900:2012. Approved for 1,000 V AC.
Supplied in a combined laptop bag/ toolbag, ideal for service technicians. The tool side bag, can be removed and used separately thanks to zip fastening.

Contains the following:

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Slotted Screwdrivers: 3.5 x 100mm & 5.5 x 125mm.

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Phillips Screwdrivers: PH1 x 80mm & PH2 x 100mm.

2 x SoftFinish® electric slimFix Pozidriv Screwdrivers: PZ1 x 80mm & PZ2 x 100mm.

4 x PicoFinish® Fine Slotted Screwdrivers: 1.5 x 40mm, 2.0 x 40mm, 2.5 x 50mm and 3.0 x 50mm.

2 x PicoFinish® Fine Phillips Screwdrivers: PH00 x 40mm & PH0 x 50mm.

1 x Professional electric Needle Nose Pliers 200mm.

1 x Professional electric Diagonal Cutters with DynamicJoint® 160mm.

1 x Electronic Needle Nose Pliers 135mm.

1 x Electronic Diagonal Cutters 130mm.

1 x L-key Hex Ball Set, 10 Piece in Compact Holder (1.5-10mm).

1 x Switch Cabinet Key.

1 x Automatic Stripping Tool (up to 6mm²).

1 x Stripping Tool for round cables.

1 x SoftFinish® Single-pole Voltage Tester 110-250V.