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Light-Duty Mechanics Vice 100mm (4in)


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The Faithfull Light-Duty Mechanics Vice for light to medium-duty applications is made from Spheroidal graphite (SG) cast iron, also known as SG iron, or Ductile Iron. During the manufacturing process the Graphite (carbon) element of the steel is shaped and aligned and adds the important “spherical” aspect to the name. This makes these vices both virtually unbreakable as well as much lighter than conventional grey cast iron, the material traditionally used for the construction of mechanics vices.

Manufactured and machined to close tolerances and is designed to offer smooth operation and reliability. An integral anvil assists with the hammering of materials. Supplied with a swivel base allowing the vice to be manoeuvred through 360 degrees, and locked in position as required. This base can be bolted onto a work surface for additional stability.

Plastic magnetic jaws can be ordered separately to allow the vice to be used for the clamping of soft, polished and round materials, without causing any damage. Code: FAIMAGVJ100.


Jaw Width: 100mm (4in).
Jaw Opening Capacity: 115mm (4.1/2in).
Clamping Force: up to 1000 N (kg F) / 1.0 Kilo Newton.
Weight: 4.43kg.